LinkedIn | Quality vs. Quantity

Is less more when it comes to Talent Acquisition?

The main difference between Quality + Quantity is the fact that quality refers to the characteristic or the feature of something, whereas quantity refers to the numerical value of something.

Quality is subjective, whereas quantity is not.

Recognizing that time is money, a common goal amongst HR and Talent Acquisition specialists is to reduce the time spent to fill positions and in doing so, the cost. The question remains: What is more critical to focus on; Quality Talent or a Mass Quantity of Candidates?

The answer is simple: Quality = less time spent on meetings during the review process, and less money based on lost time. We believe that our job is spending that time reviewing, analyzing, interviewing, understanding and determining which talent is most relevant to your need and in turn worthy of your hire.

Even more critical: There is a balancing act with recruiting talent. Otherwise you are wasting time on irrelevant talent. In the process of reviewing the masses you may lose the talent that would fit your needs.

While a long list of names might yield a quality hire, the hiring manager must jump through hoops to determine which candidate fits the role. On the other hand, providing a short list of qualified, vetted, and culturally fit candidates is likely to put the hiring manager at ease and focus on the next right action.

Kay & Black Talent Management curates through a process of analysis of everything from personality, resumes, to portfolios. We build relationships, prioritize the wants and needs of both client and candidate and feel confident in those presented.

Using this sensitive and yet necessary method allows Kay & Black to narrow down an otherwise lengthy frustrating process, shortening the list of talent to only a select few that meet your needs.