Creatives! Get your next gig with PerQ!


February 2 – March 23

Are you a creative in advertising looking for your next gig and not sure where to start? 

Tired of trying to bypass the LinkedIn online application abyss?

Have you spent so many hours staring at your portfolio and resume that you’re not sure what you’re looking at anymore? Are you asking yourself questions like, “do I take out work, or do I need more? Do I just start over?”

Want to get a response from the employers and clients you WANT to work with, but not sure what to say or how to approach them?

Do you have a lot of anxiety when it comes to talking about yourself and your strengths?

Then this course is for you!

What is it?

Uplevel Your Career with PerQ is a seven-week virtual group coaching program that gives you all the tools you need to get the job you want – from networking and outreach strategies to portfolio best practices to put your best foot forward.

What will I get?

  • Real insights and candid conversations from industry recruiters/coaches with over 25 years in the business, who know advertising and know creatives
  • Guided steps on how to improve and optimize your portfolio, resume and LinkedIn
  • Templates, insider tips and easy outlines to help you network like a pro and feel great and anxiety-free doing it
  • A community of support and encouragement along the way so you never feel alone in your process (breakout rooms, interactive classes, Slack group)
  • An authentic, human and empathetic approach facilitated by Hillary, Leslie & Kathryn
  • Q&A on all things recruitment & career

Who is this for?

If you are an advertising & marketing creative going through a career transition, reboot or looking to get your materials together for a job search and/or networking, then this is for you!

What are the details?

  • Class Dates: Feb. 2, 9, 16 //  1 Week Break // Mar. 2, 9, 16, 23
  • Meeting weekly via Zoom for 7 weeks (Tuesdays at 6:30-8pm EST)
  • 10+ hours of coaching & education
  • All sessions will be recorded so you have access anytime if you miss one
  • A Slack Group for any questions and to support community

How are we different?

  • Coaching and education – though part of our program is sharing highly relevant, current industry expertise, we also cater to the whole person, including honing in on your personal story and mindset as you journey through the process
  • Industry specific – we have been in advertising for over 25 years and know what gatekeepers look for, and some of us have personally been in the roles you’re looking for as creatives
  • Real people & real stories – we share real-life stories and examples so you know you can do this too!
  • Keep it simple – we share simple, actionable advice that makes the process easy and seamless
  • Fun & authentic – we approach this work with humor, humility and fun!

What is the curriculum?

  • Website/Portfolio Development & Optimization
  • LinkedIn Best Practices
  • Resume Optimization
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Networking Outreach Templates and Skills
  • Interview Skills & Etiquette
  • + Recruiter Q&A
  • + End of Group Showcase

What is the cost?

This program offers you 10+ hours of instruction over 7 sessions for a total cost of $500*! This is an 80% discount on typical 1×1 coaching services!

*Note: Payment plan option available.

Since it’s a group, will I get individualized attention?

Yes! We are capping this program at 20 people, so space is limited! Our group will remain small and intimate. If you attend live, you can ask questions and participate throughout the sessions. Our sessions are always engaging, fun and a conversation — not a lecture. If you miss an in-person session, you can ask questions via our Slack channel, and there will be an entire session devoted to completion and Q&A.

How do I sign up?

We will be launching registration in the coming weeks for the February – March 2021 cohort. Join our waitlist to be notified below!


  • Since Kay & Black’s grounding and honest talk I’ve realized that advocating for myself actually makes me look better. Who wouldn’t want to invest in someone who is confident, knows their worth and isn’t afraid to reasonably negotiate?

    Malaika Danovitz SVP, Creative Director, Publicis
  • Kay & Black came to speak at my school and they sure know about the etiquette, the hustle, and the industry. They offered incredible insight from both job seekers and agencies. In less than two hours they really made us feel ready to go out to the real world.

    Aaron Cheng Student Art Director
  • Kay & Black's PerQ should be named “Realness.” When campus discusses the ins-and-outs of your upcoming job-hunt, be prepared to hear about how people landed their dream jobs, nailed interviews, or had a great book but bombed an interview. Their information is current and their tone is honest, down-to-earth, and real. So while getting a creative job can seem overwhelming, the team at Kay & Black make it actionable and achievable.

    Gina Collura Adjunct Advertising Professor FIT
  • I had the privilege of attending a career workshop hosted by Kay & Black. I was so impressed by the knowledge and advice shared by the panel, the real conversations that were happening from the Q&A, and the overall energy from every person in the room. I heard the advice I needed, and even more importantly, the advice I didn’t even know I needed. I left feeling empowered, focused and ready to take the next step in my career.

    Alex Fontova Senior Community Manager, WeWork
  • After 15+ years as an agency creative, Hillary at PerQ was invaluable in helping navigate my entry into freelance. She ensured I didn’t undervalue myself and considered details I wouldn’t have thought of, like out-of-state labor laws. I love working with PerQ because it gives me peace of mind and lets me to concentrate on the creative.

    David Waraksa Freelance Creative Director
  • Kathryn is an amazing coach! She guided me through my confusion during a difficult transition and connected me to my true passion and clarity. She and I discovered many ways to stay focused on my path. We did exercises that are useful for life! I truly feel I’m living a more positive life than I was before.

    Ying Deng Studio Manager
  • Kathryn’s coaching presence and ability to hold the space and my focus were gifts I really valued. In particular, creating a strong a clear personal purpose statement (that I continue to use with ease and resonance) was an extraordinary experience with an outcome that remains energetically strong.... As a result I feel strong and clear in who I am in my expanded version of myself. I loved and appreciated that Kathryn truly wanted to support me. Her easy laughter and deep caring made this experience a very special one that will remain with me. I found her to be generous and humble and always in service of "me".

    Patti Martin The TJX Companies
  • I had Kathryn as a career coach. She was amazing - she helped me get my mind clear. She has great tools to make you feel confident, and know what you want to do with your life and career. Thank you again Kathryn, you’re the best!

    Cindy Pallavidino Designer
  • PerQ helped me change and shift many assumptions that were getting in my way, allowing me to better understand my skillset and opportunities, and ultimately move forward in my career.

    Senior Designer & Strategist
  • Kathryn and the Kay & Black team are truly the cream of crop. Hard working. Very dialed in. Loads of integrity. Helpful. And genuinely nice people to boot!

    Creative Director
  • I was starting the job hunt in Nashville which is my new home, after 4+ years at an agency in NY (and 10 years in NY), and I wanted to make a career change. I really didn't know where to start... Kathryn helped me focus and master my LinkedIn and sharing my skills, which then transferred to me updating my resume - it was a ripple effect and PerQ gave me the tools I needed to get started on the job hunt. I even got kudos from random contacts on LinkedIn on how great my profile looked!

    Katie Koenig Account Director
  • In just a single session, PerQ helped me see my own industry through a new perspective and gave me at least a dozen tips to improve my approach.

    Creative Director / Copywriter
  • Before working with PerQ I was in need of a quick injection of confidence and some direction in terms of identifying where my skills and passions intersected. I also needed help with interview technique and to extend my research into identifying opportunities. I needed a partner in crime to attack this job search full on. That's what I got. I was already on the path but needed someone to hold my hand for a few weeks and sprint with me toward the finish line.

    Rebecca Shine Senior Strategist
  • When I started with PerQ, I was in the beginning stages of opening a business. Looking back, I was so nervous and self-conscious, though I didn’t know it then. Through working with Kathryn, I delved deeper into myself, confronted saboteurs and restrictive thinking. I grew not just as a new business owner but as a person. Now I am confidently running a new business and continue my sessions with Kathryn, as well as falling back on all of the tools we have created over the last 7 months

    Gus Baxter Founder/Owner
  • I was in the middle of a long job search process and had started to wonder if it was something about me or something that I was doing wrong that was preventing me from landing a great new role. My coach helped me gain the perspective I needed on the industry, as well as my own strengths and how I was approaching my search to help me regain my confidence and take a more optimistic attitude toward my current job while I continued my search. I walked away with some new realizations about myself and how I operate, as well as tome techniques to help me be my best self at work. I'm happy to report I landed a great new job a few months later and one of the things that impressed them was my confidence and positive attitude!

    Executive Creative Director
  • As a leader, after working with PerQ the biggest difference my coworkers and our company leadership noticed is the way I communicate with others. I am much more aware of my own and my team's needs. I am able to identify emotions and not let them control a situation. Through PerQ, I learned how to better manage my own stress and my team's. I have been actively practicing compassionate communication, which has significantly improved my relationships inside & outside of the office!

    Marketing Director
  • Being out of the work force for about a year and a half to be a stay at home dad took at toll on my identity as a professional... I was in a dark and desperate place and things seemed hopeless. Luckily my wife referred me to Hillary. Hillary was my beacon in the darkness... Hillary and PerQ were able to see potential in me that was dormant and helped me to bring it to the forefront for potential employers to see. Thanks to my mentorship sessions... I was able to land a job in my field!

    Daven Falconer Producer
  • The feedback and advice PerQ gave me was valuable on many levels. In an incredibly competitive job landscape, there’s no substitute for getting honest advice from someone you know is truly looking out for you.

    Louis Wittig Creative Director
  • Kay & Black is fantastic. The team is wonderful and easy to talk to and the wisdom shared with me through our coaching session was invaluable. I am so glad I met Campus and would highly recommend them. PerQ is lovely, relatable, and many years of experience give PerQ an infinite repository of wisdom that would benefit anyone looking for career advice.

    Cari Sekendur Branding Designer
  • Kay & Black understands creative in a way that few talent agencies do. They’re also highly attuned to what today’s hiring managers are looking for and how to make you and your work stand out. Hillary and the K&B team performed a thorough review and critique of my portfolio and offered great advice on what to cut, what to keep and what to prioritize.

    David Muldoon Creative Director
  • I not only found the event hosted by Kay & Black to be extremely helpful, but also incredibly uplifting. Hearing Hillary & Kathryn speak honestly about their past mistakes and their professional triumphs allowed others to openly share their own questions and concerns. It’s refreshing and reaffirming to know that other women are equally interested in listening and sharing advice and these events are a great place to see that.

    Vicky Shum Visual Designer
  • Kay & Black's workshop was very empowering.  It made me think about the bigger do I get to where I want to be? After the workshop, I was relieved to know that it is okay not knowing all the answers, but having confidence in myself is paramount as I make the journey in finding those answers. I loved the leaders and participants at the event - a wonderfully curated mix!

  • I attended Kay & Black's digital networking event at General Assembly and found it really worthwhile. As an introvert, I was definitely encouraged & feeling more confident about networking after. And shaking the stress out was great. I actually emailed a long-lost friend using tips from the talk, and it turns out she was really happy to hear from me. We hopped on a call, and she offered some awesome ideas for my job search!

    Lisa Hwang Data Scientist
  • I attended Digital Networking with General Assembly. I loved Hillary & Kathryn's tips on how to find someone's email address, how to keep track of your connections, and best of all how to frame up your networking request. Because of the workshop, I now have confidence in reaching out to people when networking. I loved the two leaders of the session and their energy and passion for the subject.

    Jane Freiman Founder, Smart Kitchen Insights Group (Virtual Test Kitchen)
  • Hillary is a long-time member and friend of The One Club for Creativity and has participated in numerous events as a panelist, portfolio reviewer and mentor to the creative community. Hillary's breadth of knowledge and empathetic nature allows her to connect with and motivate the audience on a deeper level. Hillary and Kay & Black exemplify the kind of speakers we would invite back to speak at future events. 

    Kasia Karolak Gender Equality Program Manager, The One Club for Creativity