Interview Tips

Much Respect: Be on time or call and email to let them know that you are running late and will be there immediately. Remind them that you know their time is valuable.

You Never Know: It is always best to bring your laptop and resume in case they ask you to show your work or if they need a copy of your resume.
Be Interesting. Be Human: Ask thoughtful questions and be more than just your book/resume.

Be Interested: Ask insightful questions about the current work, pitches, and things they are proud of as well.

Be Grateful: Have thank you cards addressed and stamped to send out ASAP after your meeting. The sooner you write them, the sooner you will be able to recall something they will be impressed you recalled. Hand-written notes make it personal and show more interest.

Educate Yourself and Be Complimentary: Thoroughly research the agency/people you are meeting with. Learn about their important wins and achievements–especially those most recently. Compliment them but don’t kiss…

Represent: Be able to walk them through your work.

Gossip Hurts: Do talk about positive past experiences or mentors. DO NOT talk negatively about anyone or any agency.

Eye on the Ball: Do not speak about other agencies you admire unless you are

No Pig Pens Need Apply: Shower, but don’t shower in cologne or perfume.

Brusha Brusha Brusha: Do have good breath. Don’t be chomping on gum.

Work Hard Stay Humble: Do ask questions that pertain to how and what you can
contribute. Don’t ask about the hours you will work. Don’t ask questions just to ask questions.