LinkedIn  |  How To Fight Ageism In Advertising

We have no control over the aging process, however we do have control over how we are perceived regardless of our years. We do have control over staying relevant, and we do have the ability to define the path we take.

Recently, Hillary Black, our Joint CEO, moderated a panel at @The One Club’s Creative Summit on Ageism. The panel focused on how important it is to stay current in this ever-changing industry. Remaining relevant will help to future proof your career. Showcasing a compelling personal brand story through your portfolio, resume, bio, and LinkedIn, while incorporating your own human story through such things as your “side hustle” can be a way for others to truly learn more about the real you. Sharing sincere interests in life shows the proof that you a more interesting person than just what your resumes dateline.

Investing the time to learn about upcoming trends, using new technologies, and understanding what’s “cool” to the millennial squad, shows both your interest in today’s culture and your knowledge of what’s happening around you. It may seem simple, and sound obvious, yet as of late we have a good deal of talent working with our coaching division on how to amp up their work load, as they watch the industry racing ahead, while they have a sense that their career is heading toward a finish line. This DOES NOT have to be the case.


So, what do you do when you realize you are too late to the party? At Kay & Black we have a division called perQ.

perQ is in the business of personal career branding and often uses life coaching methodology from CTI. It is our mission to help develop and implement progressive winning strategies that focus on strengths and define the value of an individual’s talent. There are plenty of times we also have to dig in to the layer of “why me” or “I’m doing everything right, and I don’t understand”, and this helps talent work on the emotional aspect of the process of moving forward to their next role.

Talent will partner with an advisor on crafting their Personal Brand Agenda. Recognizing that each candidate’s background and aspirations are inherently different we work with talent in working through many aspects of their process including, though, not limited to: landing a job that matches their temperament and talents, vision writing, producing a relevant portfolio, resume methods, social media insight, interview strategies, how to locate leads, networking when you don’t need to!, and the negotiation process.

With over 20 Years of experience managing, curating and connecting talent, we have a clear vision and understanding for what this specific group of candidates will need to move forward optimistically. Connecting people with companies and companies with people is what we have always done, and the insight we bring to consulting gives us an unmatched ability to offer ideas and perspective that go beyond the placement of talent.