REPRESENT  recruits freelance and full-time talent in the following categories: Art Directors, Account Executives, Strategists, Copywriters, Branding/Agency Designers, Producers, Project Managers, Social Media Specialists, Creative Recruiters, Creative Service Directors, Creative Resource Managers and Talent Acquisition candidates. This pool of top pedigree talent work in the following mediums: Digital, Broadcast, Experiential, Print and Content. Kay & Black represents all levels of talent and has placed all levels including entry to executive search positions.

Kay & Black truly values the process of submitting talent and curates solely based on the brief given by the client. Kay & Black’s team of recruiters present only a few select candidates that meet the client’s most vital needs. These requests range from conceptual and design abilities to matching talent that best suit a company’s culture. Kay & Black Talent Management is quick to assess the best creative and cultural fit for specific clients.

Kay & Black is highly respected for their honest and curated approach when representing both the client and the talent’s best interests. This trustful way of conducting business allows them to remain true advocates for both the talent and client alike.

campus  |  COACHING


campus educates students and all levels of talent through teachable moments at creative panels, learning sessions and all day intensive career boot camps. These workshops assist talent in successfully navigating the advertising industry. campus was created when the partners of Kay & Black recognized that talent did not always have the tools beyond their portfolio and/or resume to feel confident in landing a job in the creative world. Both seasoned talent and those first entering the industry often need direction on how to navigate their search for employment, showcasing their portfolio, negotiating their offer and their approach to accepting a position with humility. Kay & Black’s team of talent management professionals and expert consultants will counsel talent through invaluable insight and advice on the how-to’s of entering the Advertising and Design industry.

These panels, sessions and boot camps include industry lessons, and role play sessions that both educate and ease career anxieties. They include but are not limited to: Crafting the Right Portfolio Platform, Engage Hiring Managers and the Market, Leveraging Social Media Networking, Mastering Interview Skills, Developing Industry Awareness, The Follow Up, Handling Praise and Silence, Negotiation Nation, You Are Not The Only Anxious One, Working with Recruiters and Work Hard Stay Humble.

campus strives to lead the next generation of talent and those looking to revitalize their careers through a journey which builds confidence and knowledge.