Career coaching and consulting at any stage in the journey.

Change is constant in any industry, and career & personal growth is part of that change. Whether you are looking to update your resume or change careers, partnering with knowledgeable and compassionate coaches can help you reach your fullest potential.

When making a career transition, the path to the next phase of your career often is not a straightforward one. To find a new position that’s a true fit for your needs and goals, talent needs the right resources, specific expertise and ongoing support to rebrand, adjust to a different kind of job market, whether a job search, move to a new industry or make other major shifts. And talent needs the moral support to navigate these life-altering transitions.

Kay & Black Talent Management developed perQ to answer those needs. Current industry knowledge combined with co-active coaching and social work backgrounds provides talent with the industry’s best coaching and support.

perQ draws on Kay & Black’s expertise gained from 25+ years of placing talent in the advertising and design industries and beyond. We know what it takes for candidates at all levels to attract employers’ attention and can expand talent’s options by guiding them to different industries where their skills are a fit. perQ also helps job-changers harness the power of Kay & Black’s immense network of industry insiders and fellow recruiters. Most importantly, perQ has an uncanny ability to nurture talent through all stages of their careers with an empathetic approach.

Depending on your needs, the following are some areas that perQ can focus on along the way, whether in one session or over the course of a few months: personal branding, assessing career interests, career changes, portfolio and website development, resume writing and editing, LinkedIn profile & SEO, interview skills and role play, networking strategy (in person and online), communication and follow up, negotiation knowledge, industry education, action plans, social networking, and more.

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